Instead of updating during RAW I… forgot to update because I was watching RAW. Crap. Three hour RAWs are surprisingly watchable thus far, however, so I’m optimistic about that going forward. I kind of assume that all of you reading this watch RAW, because… well, you’re reading a wrestling webcomic, so why wouldn’t you be somebody who watches RAW? That just makes good sense.

Blorg’s line in the third panel might be one of my favourites he’s had, although I should preface that with the fact that by the time I post these comics, I usually can’t remember what they’re about until I see the preview graphic, so remembering lines that I wrote months ago isn’t really a thing I do regularly. Speaking of video games, though, I just picked up a half price copy of WWE ’12. My Dick the Bastard create-a-wrestler is almost complete, barring some minor tweaking, but apparently you have to pay to use the online mode if you bought the game used. What the fuck, THQ? I’m already paying for Xbox Live, and you want more money to play one game on it? Eat a Dick… the Bastard. That was awful. Anyway, if you can upload creations without paying for their Online Axxess BS then I’ll put him online so you guys can download him if you want to. Next up, Mad Doc Crockett, who should be a little easier since his finisher is actually a thing that exists in the game, whereas Ragnar’s Revenge isn’t even possible in the create a finisher mode.

I can’t remember when, but at some point I decided that the exploder would be one of Dick’s signature moves, as at the point of the decision I had drawn a few matches already and was starting to build his arsenal of moves. I may have chosen differently had I realized that finding photo reference for the exploder is a pain in the balls.

This news post is long. I shall stop now.

Next week: Uno needs to make a tag. So does Dick the Bastard, but he can’t. So Uno is the only one whose need to tag is particularly relevant. Cool? Cool.