I think I made this move up, which makes it even worse that it was really difficult to draw. It seems like a move that somebody should have used at some point, though, especially considering the backwards rope stunner has become a go-to move. In any event, I’ll definitely be thinking twice before drawing something like it again. Oof. Took forever.

I’m halfway through the final page of HEAT Volume 2, so after I’m done that I think I’ll tackle the second back-up story myself. It’s a lot less hassle than trying to find an artist to do it. Turns out that writers trying to find artists really do have it rough, so my advice to writers out there: learn to draw and just draw what you’re writing yourself. It’ll save you a lot of hassles. “But learning to draw will take too long!” Not as long as finding a decent artist who will work for cheap on your thing instead of working on their own ideas.

Unrelated to comics, I just finished downloading DDT Apartment Complex 2011 from Rudo Reels. Kota Ibushi fights through an apartment building because DDT is an amazing, completely absurd promotion. I’m excited to watch it, especially if it’s anything like the bizarre match Kenny Omega had at some guy’s lake house.

In news that is once again related to comics (suck it, sensible transitioning of ideas), I’m doing a panel discussion with Dan Schneider at Pure Speculation 2012. It’s about comics and getting paid to make them. Or, if it’s anything like our last panel discussion, there will be a 15 minute interlude where Dan talks about cattle and I don’t know what’s going on. Seriously, that happened last time we had a panel. James Davidge and Dan talked about cattle while Bob Prodor and I looked at each other in confusion.

Next Week: I make up more moves that are hard to draw, because apparently I hate myself.