Last week I posted a long article about how the new NXT is the best WWE show. After watching this week’s episode, I decided to just find it online so you guys could see for yourselves how good this stuff is. The video is at the end of this post, but here are some highlights.

Kassius Ohno vs. Trent Barretta. It’s a midcard match that has a storyline behind it. And it’s interwoven with ANOTHER storyline. Also, it’s just a really good match.

Big E Langston kills people, is awesome. Wait, what, another midcarder with a storyline? It’s almost like the team over at NXT know how to write a wrestling show…

Husky Harris is Bray Wyatt now, and somehow that made him ten billion times better on the mic. Seriously, his promo is on a whole other level than anyone else in WWE. Also, Brodie Lee is called Luke Harper now and serves as Wyatt’s redneck killing machine of a henchman.

The four way elimination match for a shot at Seth Rollins’ NXT belt is really good. It could have used more time, but the show’s only an hour so it’s hard to give 30 minutes to a single match.

Watch it. Love it. Track it down and keep watching it.

EDIT: So, the full episode of NXT was embedded here, but WWE had it pulled down from YouTube. Because obviously the pay version of Hulu is totally an option that everyone is falling all over themselves to embrace.