Clearly I chose the Exploder to be one of Dick the Bastard’s signature moves based on really liking the move in motion and with absolutely no consideration given to how difficult it would be to draw. I know I’ve complained about this before, but seriously, why is it so hard to find photo reference for a move that Jun Akiyama does in EVERY SINGLE MATCH HE HAS!?

Also, I’ve now uploaded all of the comics that are part of HEAT volume 2, and have discovered that the last page of volume 2 will be posted on December 31st, so my annual Christmas break will be more of an early January break. And again, I will try to post things for your amusement in that time, but let’s face it, I’m pretty awful at that.

Next Week: Ragnar Rasmussen gets a lot of revenge on people he’s never even met, which I’m sure must be confusing for him when he gets hate mail from people with broken faces.