I just wrote and deleted about 6 different Iron Sheik-based title jokes. Also, this page is about two hours late because… I forgot it was Monday. Despite watching part of RAW earlier, I completely forgot it was Monday, because I’ve been off since last Wednesday, and have hit the point where I only vaguely know or care what day it is.

So here’s something I didn’t know: if you Google image search “Camel Clutch,” not only do fewer pictures of the Iron Sheik appear than one might anticipate, but you also end up with what I believe is intended to be pornography. I say “believe” because, like many forms of pornography, I totally don’t get it. I am, however, now far more likely to dig into my magazine stack than I am to go to Google when I need to reference a wrestling hold, because the internet is weird. The reference I used was a combination of the Iron Sheik humbling some guy I didn’t recognize and two luchadors that I also didn’t recognize, but appeared to be from the ’70s or early ’80s.

Next week: If you’re anti-blood, you maaaay want to skip next week. Just sayin’. If you’re not anti-blood, definitely don’t skip next week, and then tell your squeamish friends what happened.