I was going to make a point of talking about how I’ve improved a lot at drawing women, but then I realized most of you haven’t seen the Classic Wrestling Moment I drew for my portfolio so that I would have some substantial drawings of women to show off. So first, go look at this page: Classic Wrestling Moment X. Done? Cool. So you may have noticed that I got A LOT better at drawing women between then and now. Caroline’s character was developed pretty much entirely to give me a reason to draw a female character a lot. It occurred to me later that having the first major female character in the comic be kind of a shitty person is kind of… well, shitty. This page doesn’t involve her being shitty, by the way, that’ll come a bit later.

In other news, I was on a podcast! Initially I had been invited to be on the Chan & Dan comics podcast to talk about making money drawing comics, but then Dan (who drew the back-up story in HEAT Volume 1) and I got absolutely shit-blasted playing the Royal Rumble drinking game. Steph (the Chan of Chan & Dan) very graciously drove us home, but since the podcast recording about intelligent topics wasn’t going to happen, she just recorded our drunken ravings during the car ride. So go listen to that.

Next Week: Wolfric Farnsworth makes an appearance, and we journey to the riveting world of business phone calls. In spaaaaaace.