I haven’t posted any local wrestling stuff in a while, and this match popped up in my Facebook feed today, so I figured I’d share. The NWA has plummeted into irrelevance recently with Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana’s 7 Levels of Hate series ending with both men abandoning the gold and the NWA, but the Canadian National Wrestling Alliance has continued to grow.

For the most part, the CNWA appears to serve as a talent exchange program that allows guys from all over Canada to work in regions that they may not be booked in otherwise, which is cool. They had a big tournament in Red Deer in the Fall of 2012 to crown the Canadian Heavyweight Champion, which saw the Heavyweight Champions of 8 of the member of promotions compete in a single elimination tournament. I remember wanting to drive down to Red Deer for this show, but I couldn’t arrange the rest of my day so that I could get there in time for the show.

This is an opening round match from the tournament, featuring Pure Power Wrestling Champion Bobby Sharp taking on CWE Tag Team Champion and winner of a battle royal earlier in the show (which got him into the tournament) AJ Sanchez. These guys are both really entertaining and not all that well known outside of Western Canada, so give this one a watch. The site that CWNA hosts its video content on doesn’t have an embed option (boooooo), so click the link below to check it out.

CNWA Tournament of Champions – Bobby Sharp vs. AJ Sanchez