One of the things that really bugs me in wrestling is the devaluation of a lot of really killer moves, especially in indy wrestling. Recently (this is going to date the shit out of this post, but whatever), BJ Whitmer suffered a match-ending neck injury in a Ring of HonorĀ  match against Mike Bennett when they used a piledriver on the ring apron as a mid-match spot. I’m of the mindset that a piledriver of any kind is a finish except in the most epic battles (for example, Shawn Michaels kicking out of the Tombstone in his retirement match). A piledriver on the floor? That guy stays home selling the injury for at least a few weeks.

Also, if you look closely at the fifth panel you can see a couple of cameos, particularly a certain Kaiju Big Battel villain as well as George, one of the protagonists of my other ongoing project, Jeff Martin’s The War of 1812. Incidentally, now that it’s August, we’re back to the weekly schedule, so check that out as well. The more of you who check it out, the more likely I am to pick up more paid work from those guys, which is good for everyone. But especially me.

Next Week: Buster Pallas busts a blood vessel. He may have anger management issues, or a guy named Dick the Bastard might just make a really terrible babyface. Hard to say.