A couple of weeks ago I posted Jun Akiyama’s first shot at Mitsuharu Misawa’s AJPW Triple Crown. If you haven’t checked that out, I strongly encourage you to do so, because it was great. You know what was also great? Their rematch. In January of 1998, Jun Akiyama got a second shot at the Triple Crown, and it was a very different but also fantastic bout. This second match-up struck me as very fast-paced in comparison to the typical AJPW championship match of the time, although that may be the result of the white-hot, drive-it-like-we-stole-it pace of the first few minutes. By the two minute mark, the crowd is convinced they’re about to see a new champion crowned in devastating fashion. That’s pretty impressive given that most of the matches for the Triple Crown clock in at over 20 minutes.

But enough from me, check out Misawa vs. Akiyama 2.