Well, they’re PROBABLY the same species. Most people go with the approach of “they both look like giant gorilla monsters, they’re probably the same kind of alien.” “Then why does Kong have his second eye on a stalk on the top of his head?” “Shut up.”

From Thursday, April 24th to Sunday, April 27th I’ll be a guest at Calgary Expo! I’ll be at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth, 1222-13222, where you’ll be able to buy copies of HEAT Volume 1, Hockeypocalypse 1, 2, and 3, and some exclusive prints! I definitely recommend getting there early, because I’ll have some Early Bird Specials for Thursday night! Also, the weekend after that, I’ll be at FanExpo Regina! Because I’m doing two cons in two weekends like a crazy person.

Next Week: Some sage advice from Gorilla Typhoon.