Aaaaaaand we’re back for the first new page of 2013! You know what’s really hard? Figuring out how to draw black people in black and white without feeling like an asshole. If only scanning in black and white didn’t eliminate the usefulness of greyscale pens.

The arena in panel one is based on the FCW arena, back when that was a thing. The new NXT is actually way better than anything I saw of FCW, as it combines the wrestling quality and simple storytelling of FCW with much higher production values and regular appearances from some of the better workers on the WWE roster, so if you get a chance, watch it. Of course, they don’t televise it in their primary market or put it on their website, so, uh, good luck. For pencils of the wrestlers in the ring, scroll down to the blog or hit up the Bonus Art tab in the top menu.

Next Week: The Bastard of Evseedub, Fighter of Lions. Wait, what?