I just spent like ten minutes trying to come up with a title that somehow included “language barrier” in it, and I’m not really sure that was time well-spent. In any event, we’ve got an earlier update than usual today, so hurray!

Standard vertical-ish suplexes fit into the ever-expanding category of moves that are really common but surprisingly difficult to draw. In the case of the suplex, it’s the landing that tends to be difficult, because it’s hard to figure out what to do with the guy’s legs. If his feet land on the mat at the same time as his body it doesn’t look as powerful, but if they don’t hit the mat what do you do with them? Have them flail in the air? That’s kind of the direction I went this time. I’m really happy with the panel of Vinny and Uno holding up Dick, though. I referenced that one from a photo I found online of some CMLL guys whose names I can’t remember doing a double suplex. Sometimes Google images really comes through like that, while other times, like trying to find a picture of Jun Akiyama doing an exploder, it really falls on its face and I bust out the pile of wrestling magazines next to my desk. Incidentally, how does Google images only have two photos of Akiyama doing an exploder in the first 10 pages!? He only does it IN EVERY SINGLE MATCH. That’s part of what I hate about searching for photo reference – most photos aren’t actually labelled with the things I want to know about them when I’m searching. Somewhere out there is a perfect reference for whatever I’m trying to draw, but it’s probably titled “DSCblahblahblahnumbers.”

Next week: Dick the Bastard’s back might not even exist in the physical realm by the end of this match. And that barely even makes sense.