I say this a lot, but this page was FUN. You also now know why I didn’t bother to name the masked wrestler (in the tags section at the bottom of the post he’s referred to as Masked Jobber). This page tells a lot about Wooly Bully’s move set, which basically centres around being huge and using that size to smash people. Which is a pretty much the standard “giant” wrestler schtick, except that in the comic you don’t have to watch him pondorously shuffle around the ring looking like he’s going to have a heart attack in between moves (I’m looking at you, Great Khali). I typically don’t enjoy the giants, because their matches are pretty much all the same, but for some reason I’ve got a bunch of giants in the comic (although in this case they’re mostly space monsters). Hopefully I can make them more entertaining than their real-life counterparts.

In other news, I spent some time in the last couple of days creating a new roster page with all of the main wrestlers we’ve seen so far. Right now there are only three profiles (Dick the Bastard, Mad Doc Crockett, and Wooly Bully), but I’ll be adding to it as the comic progresses. I’m pretty pleased with how the pages I’ve done so far have turned out, and am looking forward to the roster expanding a bit (which will happen around chapter 3).

On Wednesday: Who’s Next?