Well, mostly he fell onto the mat and stayed there for three seconds, but that’s a less snappy title.

This was a really fun sequence to draw, and something I’ve wanted to do for a while. The Figure Four might be one of the best submission holds in wrestling based solely on how many interesting ways there are to counter it before it’s applied. Generalissimo Lizardo happens to be the unlucky victim, mostly because he’s fun to draw and is a guy that I’ve already established as being on the main roster of Galactic Wrestling.

Speaking of sequences I want to draw, I need to figure out a way to include a spinning wheel kick or a rolling Liger kick soon-ish. I have a strong urge to draw those moves lately. Where are Los Gordinflones Negros when you need them?

Next Week: Buster Pallas attempts to force the definition of “babyface” into Dick the Bastard’s peanut brain.