I don’t normally stray too far into the absurd with the moves in HEAT (or at least certainly less often than I do with the dialogue), but this one could be straight out of Ultimate Muscle for all of the dead Uno would be after taking it. I couldn’t bring myself to go all the way into manga territory and have Dick the Bastard leap a hundred feet in the air and have an entire conversation on the way down, though.

I needed something that would drop Uno on his head on the turnbuckle, kind of like a more homicidal version of El Generico’s Brainbustaaaah, and the Air Raid Crash seemed like a natural fit, especially when I remembered that Doc Crockett used one way back in Classic Wrestling Moment #2. I also love the name “Air Raid Crash.” It sounds totally badass, and much better than most of the other names it’s gone by.

I haven’t watched tonight’s episode of RAW yet, but apparently Jerry Lawler had a stroke or something. Hopefully he’s okay.

Next Week: Is Uno still alive, let alone able to continue?