Remember in the last update how I was looking for a cool Stampede Wrestling clip? Found one. It’s a compilation of three Owen Hart matches. One thing that’s interesting to note is that in Stampede the tombstone piledriver was considered a transitional move – and this is in the late ’80s, before the Undertaker debuted it as his finisher. In looking for a good Stampede clip, I’ve noticed that it’s a staple in the arsenal of high-flyers as a set-up move to dives off the ropes (I believe Dynamite Kid was the first one to use it for that purpose).

I imagine most of you will recognize Bad News Allen, known in the WWF as Bad News Brown, but how many of you spotted Makhan Singh? Okay, most of you, because he’s huge and hard to miss, but what other name did he go by? Why, that’s good ol’ Bastion Booger! Johnny Smith is a much less famous name, but he did some pretty good stuff in Stampede and internationally.