Orville Barnum announced in a press conference earlier today that his most notorious charge, the fearsome Mighty Kong, will be the first wrestler to enter the 3010 Galactic Wrestling Gauntlet. Kong will have to outlast 29 other grapplers if he wants to earn a shot at the Galactic Wrestling Champion.

Barnum related to reporters that both he and Kong were pleased with the development, prompting reporters to question the sanity of both parties. While Mighty Kong is easily the largest and strongest competitor in the Gauntlet match, many point to the fact that Kong has yet to wrestle a match longer than 12 minutes and question whether he has the endurance to go for the one hour plus that the first entrant must last to win the Gauntlet. Barnum was dismissive of insinuations that Kong would be unable to last, stating that “you have yet to see what my monster Kong is capable of. When the bell rings at the end of the Gauntlet and Kong’s hand is raised in victory, you will look around the WrestleDome and see the broken bodies littering the arena, and then you will know the true might of Kong.”

Mighty Kong lets out a celebratory roar after yet another victory on Galactic Wrestling's Main Event.

Mighty Kong made his Galactic Wrestling debut at SolarSlam 3008 as the mystery opponent that Orville Barnum promised would destroy Buck Hogarth. Kong shocked the wrestling world by dominating Hogarth and eventually putting him out of wrestling for months with a sickening Gorilla Press Drop over the top rope to the floor. Since that classic encounter Kong has been a constant factor in the Galactic Wrestling Championship picture, although he has yet to be granted a match for the title. Barnum hopes to rectify that situation by having Kong win the Gauntlet. Despite the fact that no wrestler has entered the Gauntlet at number one and won since the Living Legend in 2992, Kong is a favourite to win in the estimation of most oddsmakers.