I watched WWE RAW last night and uh… four matches in two hours, totalling about half an hour of TV time (probably not even that much). Now, I know that WWE has gotten even talkier since I stopped watching it a few years ago, but seriously, four matches in a two hour show? And Jack Swagger vs. Santino and MVP vs. … whoever MVP fought barely combined to break the one minute mark.

Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton and DX vs. ShowMiz were okay, and I guess a decent length by modern TV standards, but considering that the other hour and a half of the show were nothing but yakkity yak yak, it was pretty disappointing. Despite also being a WWE show, Smackdown seems to have a much higher wrestling-to-talking ratio, which I approve of. Until it was canceled, that was my favourite part about the modern ECW: it was almost entirely wrestling, without a whole lot of promo time. Which is also why I was a huge fan of Ring of Honor when it was running on the Fight Network: lots of really good wrestling. Except that when they did talk, the audio was so terrible a lot of the time that it was basically unintelligible.

I think where I’m going with this is that I watch wrestling for wrestling matches, and thus am excited to see Monster Pro Wrestling live in Edmonton this Saturday. All wrestling, no fifteen minutes of John Cena and Batista nattering about their upcoming match, which resolved nothing. So yeah, if you’re in Edmonton, check out Monster Pro Wrestling on Saturday night. Should be a good time! Vance Nevada is taking on Massive Damage in the main event.