Oh god, this page. Pretty much everything about this page was very difficult to draw, because I’m not sure it was actually physically possible to draw what I was picturing in my head when I wrote the script. The actual head scissors was helped by some pretty good photo reference (thanks to a Japanese wrestling magazine sent to me by reader Ted S. Thanks Ted!). Believe it or not, finding a photo reference for a guy perched on the top rope about to leap was unbelievably difficult. It took me about forty minutes to find something serviceable, thanks to Evan Bourne’s photo gallery on WWE.com.

There’s also a plug for Dan Schneider’s new site, Smashed Head Studios. It’s a new it’s not actually live yet! That smashy skull sign is based on his new logo. Which was based on an x-ray of his skull after losing a ten round classic with a large piece of steel. I point all this out because Dan-o is drawing the back-up story for the HEAT Volume 1 collection, which is rapdily approaching completion. It’s looking like it’ll be done around the weekend of May 7th/8th and ready for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in June.

On Saturday: Rod Black’s turnbuckle plan has backfired, but can Gangster seal the deal?