The WWE Royal Rumble is this weekend. Relatedly, my friend Roger (of Micro & Macro fame) came up with a  Royal Rumble drinking game. Which might kill you. So, uh, keep that in mind if you try anything beyond the basic rules. Roger wrote the rules, and tested them by watching two Royal Rumbles back to back (not sure which two). He died four days later. Or at least that’s what I tell people, because “he had a stomach ache and was tremendously drunk” isn’t nearly as entertaining.

Royal Rumble Drinking Game

A fun drinking game based on WWE Royal Rumble. The most interesting part, is not knowing when you might have to chug that last few sips of a drink vs opening a new drink and having to chug it.

Base rules:

Every time a Wrestler enters the Rumble, you drink
Every time a Wrestler is eliminated, you drink

Now the fun part Randomness:

Everyone picks one or two wrestlers, two for hardcore, one if your not. If its an old Royal Rumble, you can draw numbers/names from a hat, to decide on your wrestler.

*Shots can replace a chug.

When your guy enters the ring, you chug.
When your guy is disqualified, you chug.

Hardcore additional rules:
If your puts out a guy, everyone else drinks twice.
If your guy puts out some one else’s guy, they chug twice.
If your guy is put out by some one else’s guy you chug twice

Exceptional Hardcore:
If one of your guys puts out your other guy, you do four shots.
If a wrestler does a finisher, drink.
If an exceptional chop is done, drink.
If Ric flair woos, drink.