This was a page that I was looking forward to from the beginning, although the text took up more room than I thought it was going to. Doc’s Cobra Clutch on Ragnar Rasmussen got recreated in Classic Wrestling Moments #1 last week. The crimson mask must have been from one of his other title matches (since he’s clearly not bleeding in CWM #1). And that’s how I just explained to myself what the hell I’m doing. Good talk, self!

My favourite thing on this page is definitely Dick’s reaction to being kicked in the gut by Doc.

So I watched the last hour of TNA Impact tonight, and I have to wonder what exactly they’re trying to accomplish? I was pleasantly surprised by the Nasty Boys, who were surprisingly entertaining in the ring, but overall the plan seems to be rehashing late ’90s WCW and WWF. The Angle getting “screwed” thing was just… stupid.