The Wooly Bully’s finishing move, The China Shop, was the first finisher I came up with for HEAT that wasn’t already an actual move used by a real wrestler (at least as far as I know). It seems like most big guys use the exact same move set (with the chokeslam being a popular finish), and I wanted to make the Bully a bit more interesting. For some reason I thought of that thing Mr. Perfect used to do, where he would snap mare a guy then flip over him with a neck snap. Using that as a base, I thought about how a giant could use something similar, and decided that instead of the fancy flipping neck snap, he should just flop on the guy. So that’s what the Bully does. Although the “flop” is more of an Ultimate Muscle-style impossibly huge leap, because that’s just more fun. There’s actually a lot of influence from Ultimate Muscle in HEAT.

For those not familiar with Ultimate Muscle, it’s a Japanese manga and anime series that follows the adventures of Kid Muscle and the Muscle League (primarily represented by Terry Kenyon, Dik Dik Van Dik, and Wally Tusket) as they battle evil superhuman wrestlers (the dMp, whose logo is pretty much identical to the black and white nWo logo). It had a weird combination of extreme brutality and slapstick and bathroom humour.

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