Prior to commentary, just a reminder that I’ll be at the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show in Edmonton tomorrow from 10 AM to 5 PM! I’ll also be part of a panel discussion about creating independent comics at 11 AM. So come say hi and buy Hell, Inc.!

I think this may be the first page, of any project, that I’ve drawn without a single background in it.¬† I have a kind of British sensibility when it comes to comics, and British comics¬† have backgrounds pretty much at all times. I think it’s a result of their format: weekly five or six page installments in magazines like 2000 AD. With that little space to work with, it makes sense that they try to wring every last detail they can out of their pages. On this particular page there really isn’t space for backgrounds in the first four panels. The fifth one probably could have had one, but I liked it enough as it was that I left it.

We’re two weeks away from the end of Chapter 2, now. Chapter 3 has been slower going, but should hopefully be finished by the time I start posting pages from it. Other projects have taken up some time that I would normally be using to draw HEAT pages, and I have some deadlines on those projects coming up.

On Saturday: Ragnar’s Revenge. Follow @HEATcomic on Twitter to see the preview image!