… Dick the Bastard! Yeah, okay, so the main character winning his second match maybe isn’t a shocker, but work with me here. Also, this one is later than normal because I was watching the Oilers/Coyotes game on Hockey Night in Canada and it went into an eight or nine round shootout. And clearly I can’t watch a hockey game and type words at the same time. What am I, some kind of crazy multi-tasking space robot?

I don’t really have a ton to say about this page. I like a lot about how it turned out, but I don’t really have any interesting (or at least attempting-to-be-interesting) anecdotes about how that happened. Drawing overhead shots of characters lying down is a lot harder than it seems like it should be, though.

Wednesday’s update will be the first appearance of the character created by contest winner JJ Bar. His character is in the background, and will make his debut where he actually does stuff on page 37, which I drew a little while ago. I also liked his character concept so much that I’ve written him into a later plotline. So watch out for future contests, and you too could see your creation in the pages of HEAT!

On Wednesday: Head Trauma + ??? = Success!