In keeping with the tradition of these Classic Wrestling Moments somehow foreshadowing the next chapter, this one is an introduction to the Super Max Challenge. I actually did a lot of development art prior to this one. I designed a whole big entrance stage, then dialed it back a little to create the stage that you (kinda) see in this comic. The character concepts for Laredo and Living Legend were a lot of fun to work on, too. Pretty much any time I get to draw wrestlers from Doc’s era, it’s a good time.

The last two panels on this page are my favourites (yes, it’s cheating to call two-thirds of a page my favourite part. What can I say, I really like this page). The brawl in the crowd turned out a lot better than I was expecting it too. I don’t like drawing crowds, but this one was actually pretty fun. Mostly because I got to come up with a bunch of t-shirts for the audience members. The Ragnar Rasmussen one (overlapped by the masked wrestler’s arm) is my favourite, I think. The last panel may be the first time I’ve drawn a clothesline (or in this case, a lariat, which is Laredo’s finisher) that didn’t look like garbage.

Also, make sure to scroll down for my review of PWA: Hysteria last weekend. I highly recommend catching a PWA show if you’re in in Alberta, it blows the junk on TV away.

On Wednesday: A new cast member!