Updating on the right day? Yep. TROPHY PLEASE.

Designing arenas for Galactic Wrestling is hard. The WrestleDome is stupid huge, but even their small venues are way bigger than the prison yard arena or the Super Max arena, which I had gotten pretty used to drawing. It’s harder than it seems like it should be to find a middle ground. Scaling down the entryway was kind of tough too, since it needed to be big but not as huge and fancy as the WrestleDome set. Something that looks like it could be moved around, if not without significant effort. I settled on using the new WWE house show set for inspiration, and ended up with a simple gigantic logo with a curtain and big video wall. In the world of the future, big video walls are omnipresent.

Also, nobody has won the contest from HEAT #246 yet. Hint: the character involved recently had a successful Kickstarter to get his book printed.

Next Week: Tiger Khan, who is totally not a Punch-Out!! reference at all. Nope. That’s crazy talk. You’re crazy.