I really like spots where one wrestler is SURE he’s close to getting the pin, so when his opponent kicks out of a big move he just hits him and goes for the pin again. Which I honestly can’t come up with a single example of, off the top of my head. It seems like a Japan thing, though. Speaking of Japan, I finally finished my 32 disc set of AJPW Triple Crown matches. I followed it up with some AAA stuff from last year, which was a much more jarring stylistic change than I expected. Not as jarring as if I had chased the AJPW with CMLL, but still. The disc of AAA stuff that I checked out had a strange pace to it, where most of the matches would start with sloppy brawling, stalling, and general chaos, then settle into being an actual match which built to an energetic and chaotic finishing stretch. Also, there were midgets.

Next Week: The next step of Smashmouth Smith’s mission, Operation: Stay Down.