The first HEAT guest comic is the first HEAT episode of 2014! This was drawn by my friend Johnni Kok last summer, and I finally go to the part of the story where I can post it. This guest strip came as a result of Johnni and I wanting to work on a project together, but wanting to do a short test run to make sure we could work together without driving each other crazy before diving into a full-fledged comic book project. I was initially going to have him draw one of the Classic Wrestling Moments interludes, but then he threw out the idea of a commercial – specifically, a condom ad. That idea was immediately hilarious to me, and thus Buck Hogarth’s Champion condom sponsorship was born. This is also the first page I ever lettered digitally. That was an incredibly tedious learning process. I got better, later, and was able to make the balloon tails curve.

Next Week: It’s back to the usual HEAT art style, and this time we’re backstage at Galactic Wrestling’s Main Event!