No champion has ever wanted to duck a scary challenger. Nope. Never.

Buck Hogarth is fun to write. He’s essentially if we got to see both sides of Hulk Hogan (the hero and the self-serving douche) at the same time. Which is kind of weird because within the universe most of the characters only get to see one side of Buck or the other, but you the reader get to see both.

In unrelated-t0-HEAT news, Hockeypocalypse issues 1 and 2 have fancy new high-res digital versions available for just a dollar(ish, depending on what currency you use) each at DriveThru Comics! You can also get the HEAT volume 1 digital comic for $2. For less than 5 bucks you can have just shy of 200 pages of hilarity on your phone or tablet. So, y’know, you should do that.

Next Week: Gorilla Typhoon is almost as feared as his poop. Almost.