Well he didn’t hit him with a closed fist, so the referee can’t complain. The second panel turned into a huge pain due to relative scale issues, which are probably the most frequent problem I run into.

I just discovered that being a little drunk doesn’t really effect my ability to draw, given no other changes to my work environment, but it DOES effect my ability to poor liquids from one container into another. Which my end table and carpet learned the hard way. But I DID produce two HEAT cards that are better than the two I drew last night while sober, so that’s an interesting development. My liver may not enjoy further research into those results.

In other news, my Patreon campaign has started off with some momentum, so please consider heading over there and donating. You can get some pretty cool rewards, and also get more HEAT!

Next Week: Some of that smooth, smooth transition wrestling that Richard the Lionheart occasionally does in between trying to bludgeon people.