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I feel like I’m just recovering from my trip to Winnipeg for C4, which is good, since I’m headed to Lethbridge, Alberta in just two weeks for the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo. I’ll be at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth signing copies of Redcoats-ish: Jeff Martin’s War of 1812, Hockeypocalypse, and HEAT. And probably cursing the idea of driving 5 and a half hours through Alberta in late November to anyone who will listen, but it’ll be my own stupid fault.

On the wrestling front, I recommend checking out Lucha Underground. So far it doesn’t particularly strike me as “lucha” particularly, but I’ve watched the first two episodes and they were pretty good. Commentary isn’t very good, because modern wrestling, but has some really interesting visual elements and a nice, quick one hour format. I’ve come to the conclusion that, as far as my current tastes go, a one hour wrestling show is pretty much ideal. Three hours of RAW is nigh-unwatchable, but even a mediocre-to-bad episode of NXT or ROH flies by.

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