This is, subtly, the dirtiest HEAT comic so far by a decent margin.

The idea that bookers in the future set up their card using what is essentially a holographic version of the match creator from a wrestling video game was what made this strip possible to draw without it looking incredibly dull.

In other news, I have returned from the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo, which means that the 2014 convention year is over for me! I don’t have any more convention appearances until March 2015, but will be appearing at Audrey’s Books on December 4th to sign copies of Redcoats-ish: Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 in Edmonton. I’ll also be doing a signing when Redcoats-ish releases in the comic shop market in January, more on that in January.

Speaking of January, I’m a couple of weeks away from my annual Christmas break, which in this case will be the weeks of December 22nd and 29th, with the comic returning on January 5th.

Next Week: I’ll let you know when I write it!