I spent most of Monday dealing with getting Hockeypocalypse Season 2’s printing sorted out, which turned out to be a rather more stressful day than anticipated, and fell asleep before I could upload the new comic. WHEEEEE.

Only one more update before we start the next major story arc! Hint: there will be a lot of arm drags.

In other news, I’m doing a book signing at Happy Harbor Comics on January 14th from 11 – 7 to celebrate the release of both Redcoats-ish: Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 and Hockeypocalypse Season 2: Line Change! Those of you local to Edmonton should stop by, say hi, and get your copies signed and sketched in!

Next Week: We find out where Dick the Bastard will be plying his trade next. His trade is still headbutts, just FYI. Find out right now by becoming a patron on Patreon!