I’ve learned that being a full-time cartoonist means that I have very little concept of what day it is anymore. Time is just the thing that happens in between conventions and project deadlines. My days are also spread over what is technically two days to a normal, properly functioning human being. As a result… yeah, I forgot it was Monday again. At least I’ve drawn every HEAT strip between now and the end of May, so that’s cool.

This page features a bunch of designs that I’m really happy with, so naturally they’re ones that were meant to only be seen once. I’m probably going to have to write them in some more later on so I have more excuses to draw them.

I’m not sure if it’s a real thing, but I love the idea that lucha libre is rooted in the conquest of Aztec Mexico by the Spanish, and that masks are a metaphor for taking the head of an opponent as a trophy. Lucha Underground used that idea a little bit in one of their early episodes, but hasn’t gone anywhere with that mythology yet.

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