Be prepared for a lot more <Spanish Gibberish>, because I decided I’d rather do that than have some kind of futuristic translation device. That decision was made when I started thinking about what it must be like for wrestlers to go to another country and try to work with someone who doesn’t speak their language, and chose to explore that concept a little bit in HEAT. That can turn out to be a lot of fun when most of the characters are about as subtle as… I dunno, something not very subtle.

I’m headed off to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, which is exciting. Unfortunately I won’t be there as a vendor, but there’s always next year. This con is probably the closest thing to taking a vacation I’m going to do this year, so I’m looking forward to it. After that, the con season is in full swing, with five shows in April and May! It will either be awesome or I’ll be cast as a Walking Dead zombie by the end of it. But if you’re in Calgary, Regina, Calgary again, Vancouver, or St. Albert/Edmonton, you should come see your favourite cartoonist in one of those cities. Or come see me. That would be good too.

Next Week: Mad Doc Crockett attempts to explain why masks are important, and probably could have done a better job. See it now on Patreon!