Welcome back, folks! It’s a new year and we’re starting off with a bang… or whatever noise you want a chair breaking over an ant’s head to make. I hope you all had a nice holiday, I know I got a lot of drawing done. And probably got fatter, because there were cookies and chocolate and egg nog pretty much everywhere.

The annual New Japan Tokyo Dome show is on right now, so it seems like perfect timing for HEAT to return. If I’m estimating correctly, Okada’s main event title defence against Tanahashi should be getting under way as I type this.

Now that HEAT is back, there’s also going to be some adjustments made to the Patreon page, primarily tweaking things to accommodate my new HeavyMetal.com project, Where Is Zog?

Next Week: What did those guys just say? No, really, what are they talking about? Read it now on Patreon!