So before I get into the schedule for 2012, this is just something neat I found out about an hour or so ago: I made it onto’s post-RAW round-up of their favourite Tweets from January 9th’s episode of RAW. Mine is the last one in the section about Brodus Clay’s debut as “the Funkasaurus.”

So anyway, the schedule for HEAT. It’s kind of a good news/bad news thing. The good news? I’ve had a comic project greenlighted by a publisher, which is awesome and very exciting. The bad news? I have to, y’know, draw it, so I’m going to have to take some of that drawing time away from HEAT pages. So what this means for you guys is that I’ll unfortunately have to reduce the schedule to once a week. So until further notice, HEAT will be updating once weekly on Saturdays, starting this Saturday, January 14th.