Actually watching RAW is a good reminder to update the comic. So is inking a page of it while watching RAW. Tiger Khan is probably the first time I’ve successfully drawn a wrestler with a leaner build who is still muscular. The first attempts were with Vinny LaGrazo and Rod Black, which was not overly successful. LaGrazo leaned up towards the end of his run, but he was much too thick early on. Khan being taller helps, as LaGrazo was short and ripped, so it was hard to draw him without adding bulk. If I add some bulk on Khan, his height keeps him looking leaner than Dick, which is good enough. The longer I’ve worked on this comic, the more I’ve discovered that the wrestlers’ sizes are more important in a comparative sense than an absolute one; so it’s important that Khan is taller and leaner than Dick, but I don’t worry too much about what the exact difference between Khan’s 6′ 5″ and Dick’s 6′ 0″ would look like on the page.

Next week: Jewelry and faces get broken. So it’s like a normal page except jewelry also gets broken.