The “kick him in the back” thing is pretty much straight out of The Simpsons. I don’t remember which episode it was, but Homer’s words of wisdom about fighting were to “kick him in the back.” And then run away, I think. It’s also how most hot tag situations tend to be resolved in wrestling, except that it’s usually a forearm smash or an axe handle instead of a kick. Much like “isolate the guy in the corner” from last page, the hot tag is one of those staples of tag team wrestling that isn’t so much a strategy as what happens every time, sometimes more than once.

Doc is still a little too thick in this one, but I really like how the first panel turned out, so art-wise it’s kind of a wash. In other art news, I finnished page 51 the other day, which is the beginning of the next match: Dick the Bastard & Ron “The Con” Gould vs. Los Gordinflones Negros in the opening contest of the Super Max Challenge.

On Wednesday: ROAD TRIP!