The first HEAT post… is a promo for the actual comic, which starts next week. Mad Doc Crockett is the trainer for HEAT’s lead, Dick the Bastard, and a former headliner in the wrestling biz. In my original conception of the comic he was pretty much just a support character that was only there to provide exposition by explaining stuff to Dick. He also wasn’t called Mad Doc Crockett, just Doc. Then Doc Collins, which was okay but missing something. Then after I wrote him for a couple of pages he became Mad Doc Crockett (named after NWA promoter Jim Crockett). After a while Doc became so much fun to write that he went from expository support character to the second lead.

I’m thinking that these “Classic Wrestling Moments” are probably going to serve as between chapter breaks, because I like them but they’d probably get old if I did them too often. Maybe I can get some guest artists for them… hm, I’ll have to look into that. Could be a nice bit of variety.

Oh, and there’s a fun bit of real-world wrestling trivia hidden in this strip. The first person to correctly guess what it is in the comments section or via email ( will get to have a wrestler of their creation appear later on in the comic! So bust out the Google, or your own encyclopedic brains. Hint: it’s in the caption box.