This was a fun one to draw. The kick in the gut in the corner was actually the hardest thing to draw, which surprised me a little bit. I assumed the body slam would be the biggest challenge, since moves that involve the wrestlers’ limbs being entangled somehow tend to be the most difficult ones to draw. In the grand scheme of the match, though, nothing on this page was all that tough to do. Springboard spinning heel kick? Much, much harder.

Still no winner in the contest. I’m thinking that it’s either too hard or I overestimated the audience participation level of my readership, since the first contest was won within a day… although it was also won in the first entry, which is where the overestimation of audience participation bit comes in. I figured the pretty decent level of comments I get would translate into contest entries, but not to worry! I’ll come up with some other things to try for future contests. I encourage you to hone your Google-fu or bust out Wikipedia and give the current contest a try, though. Four correct answers is an automatic win, but three or even two could be tough to top.

On Wednesday: Powerbombs and the countering thereof.