ARGH! The time limit expires just before the referee’s three count, leaving this one a draw. It’s an element of wrestling that isn’t all that common in the modern era of corporate-controlled wrestling, although I know that Ring Of Honor has had some high-profile time limit draws in it’s time (CM Punk and Samoa Joe’s one hour World Title matches come to mind).

And with this, the conclusion of chapter 5, I’ll be taking a two week break from the comic schedule. I have a full page Rent-A-Thug spread due in two weeks for the U of A Gateway’s centenniel comics feature which I haven’t even started and also need to finish the covers for Hell, Inc. #2, as well as build up my buffer of HEAT comics a bit. In the mean time there’ll be plenty of blog content, including a few Bodyslam Magazine articles and perhaps some guest art. The next comic will be on Saturday, August 28th.

Next: Classic Wrestling Moments #6 on August, 28th!