66 pages in and we see Dick’s room (or, more accurately, prison cell) for the first time. And also see that it’s clearly an exciting place to set scenes, what with it’s… toilet… and sink… and wrestling boots…

Dick’s intelligence is something that took a long time to nail down (did I talk about this already? I can’t remember). Eventually I settled on somewhere in the neighbourhood of average, since in the ring he exhibits a pretty decent amount of cunning and cleverness, but tends to be a bit dim a lot of the rest of the time. Like now.

I spent most of this afternoon upgrading the site to the newest version of ComicPress (which took about ten seconds. Putting all of my layout widgets back where I wanted them was notably more time-consuming). I’m strongly considering resizing the comics that are up already since I’ve discovered that they look significantly better if I shave about 200 pixels off the width. The lines sharpen up very nicely and look a lot more like they do on paper. I’ll probably do a few tests on older pages in the next little while to see how the resizing looks on the site, as opposed to in my imaging program.

On Saturday: The Warden questions the logic of hiring retarded apes as personal dressers, and all of you question what the hell I’m on when I write weird shit like that.