I hope the text on Dick’s t-shirt is as readable to everyone else as it is on my screen, because it’s probably my favourite part of the page. A Terry Taylor reference AND a dick joke at the same time? Yes, that’s how this comic rolls. Doc in panel 4 makes a strong push for being my favourite thing on the page, though.

I meant to talk about it earlier, but the beginning of this chapter got rewritten A LOT. The first draft started with Dick’s first match back in PPW after the Gauntlet, then transitioned to the press conference and stalled out. The match had some decent jokes and a couple of good spots, but ultimately didn’t do a whole lot; the first crack I took at the press conference was similar, except without the decent jokes and good spots. I re-wrote the press conference part, and it still sucked. Eventually I just cut everything and jumped over the time between the Gauntlet and the Super Max Challenge, which finally got me moving again. The first match of the Super Max Challenge will begin next week; if I had stuck to the original script it wouldn’t be happening until around March.

On Saturday: New ring gear is met with jackassery, as is often the case.