Dr. Fat’s powerslam didn’t turn out quite as brutal-looking as I’d hoped, and in retrospect there should have been another panel showing Invincinator being pancaked into the mat. Although if he was pancaked, Dr. Fat may have tried to eat him, which would have gotten into the territory of that fucked up Marvel comic where The Blob eats somebody. I can’t remember what book that was, but seriously, what the shit!?

Oh, and sorry, Jay. But don’t worry, Invincinator will be back later! I’m not sure when, specifically, probably somewhere in the 130-150 page range. Dr. Fat will also be returning somewhere around then.

This weekend I’ll be participating in the 12 Hour Comic Challenge at Happy Harbor Comics. It’s like the 24 Hour Comic Challenge, but with less hallucinations. If you’re in Edmonton you should stop by and say hi, and also donate to Big Brothers & Big Sisters, which the whole thing is designed to raise money for.

Also, on March 20th I’ll be at the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show with the Open Door Comics group, which will feature the release of Hell, Inc. #2: Candied Sheep Day.

On Saturday: Los Gordinflones Negros make their return to HEAT as Dos takes on Wildman Harris in first round Super Max Challenge Cup action.