We’ve got a pair of returns on this page: Ron Gould’s gilted tag-team partner from Chapter 3, Tim Van Patten, and Spanish gibberish. If anybody actually remembers Tim Van Patten, congratulations, because he appeared in all of three or four strips roughly 90 pages ago.

Spanish gibberish started off as a one-time joke because I couldn’t think of a line, but it got a good response so I’ve turned it into a bit of a running gag. I’ve done a similar bit with Doc Crockett on the many occasions when he shouts nonsense that I don’t have room to write.

Speaking of Mad Doc Crockett, he’s got himself some new fan art by my buddy Dan Schneider. This one’s got a little bit of story behind it, since Dan’s going to be drawing a 14 page back-up story that will be exclusive to the first HEAT trade paperback collection, which I’m hoping to have finished in time for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in June. He texted me this drawing a few days ago, which is his the final product of figuring out how he wants to approach drawing Mad Doc Crockett. Apparently he was having trouble until he decided to combine Lemmy from Motorhead and Watchmen author Alan Moore. While neither of those guys were conscious inspirations for Doc, he sure looks like their love-child.

On Wednesday: Uno… Dos… Tres? We’ll see!