If you’re not Canadian, you probably didn’t just groan at the title of this strip. Believe it or not, this was the second simplest strip in the Gangster/Black match to draw, behind the page with the forearm smash and removal of the turnbuckle pad. Which wasn’t such a good idea for Rod Black, as it turns out. Who ever would have thought a plan to cheat could backfire? MADNESS!

As I mentioned a while ago, this will be the last HEAT strip for a couple of weeks as I wrap up the HEAT: Volume 1 book and a couple of other projects. Speaking of the HEAT book, that’s coming along excellently. The bulk of the book is made up of HEAT 1-93 as well as Classic Wrestling Moments 1-7, now with bonus commentary by Dick the Bastard and Mad Doc Crockett. Dan Schneider’s 14 page back-up story, which features the first Galactic Championship match between Mad Doc Crockett and Ragnar Rasmussen, is scheduled to be done by Free Comic Book Day (May 7th). Followers of my Twitter feed have already gotten a preview of the cover. At current estimate, the book should be completed around May 10th and ready for sale at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

HEAT will return online in roughly 2 weeks (probably either the 14th or 18th, depending on how smoothly things go) with the final match-up in the opening round of the Super Max Challenge, Johnny Law vs. Pretty Boy Paul Meyers.