This one’s a little later than usual because I was watching football (the Canadian Football League starts in July. Go Eskimos!) and then went on an NWA Hollywood binge after watching my hometown Eskimos curb stomp Hamilton. If you’ve never checked out NWA Hollywood, you should seriously take some time and watch a few episodes over at the NWA Hollywood website. They’ve got all of their shows (except, for some reason, episode 2) online for free, and they’ve got a great roster. They’re also very good at showcasing the entirety of the roster and keeping everybody fresh in your mind, which is something WWE could learn a thing or two about.

I don’t know the actual name of the move Dr. Fat is using on Invincinator, but it’s a staple offensive trick of giant wrestlers. Andre the Giant and the Big Show have both used it, although the reference I used for it was Antonio Inoki from a Japanese wrestling magazine.

If you’re in Alberta, you should definitely check out the upcoming indy show A Show of FORCE: Morinville, presented by FORCE Pro Wrestling. Why? Because it’s going to be a great show. Also, I’m illustrating the program.

On Wednesday: The Fattest train in the galaxy attempts to splatter Invincinator all over the tracks. Do people in 3010 even understand train references? I have no idea.