Guess who was out all day and didn’t realize he hadn’t uploaded today’s page to the FTP server yet? I am now also aware that I haven’t scanned anything past page 165, so now you know what my afternoon is going to be composed of tomorrow.

Drawing an exploder AND having the camera reverse angles twice during the execution of the move is REALLY hard. And my own stupid fault, like pretty much every other thing in this comic that ends up being really hard to draw. I also tend to get it in my head that I have tons and tons of reference for whatever move I find myself having to draw only to spend an hour combing through a stack of wrestling magazines to arrive at the realization that I must have somehow hallucinated that reference, because in 12 magazines there were like, two small pictures of moves that vaguely resembled a t-bone suplex.

On Wednesday: Uno didn’t actually explode, but you’d think his heart would explode after having already wrestled once on this card. ‘Cause he’s fat.