Hart Attack jokes are kind of like the title jokes I write for Johnny Law matches: awful puns that I don’t feel even the slightest bit badly about thoroughly abusing. I think this might be my favourite page in this match, mostly because of how much fun it was to do all of the motion stuff while Dick is bouncing back and forth on the ropes. The motion of him slamming his helmet into Dos was more of a challenge than a joy, as I ended up drawing and erasing various attempts at it for a few hours before finally ending up with one I liked (that process included erasing what I had thought the night before would be the completed panel because I realized the next day that I hated it).

While you can clearly see that I eventually settled on having Dick and Ron use a modified Hart Attack as a tag team signature, you didn’t see the whole whack of other moves I considered first. If it was a tag team move from the late ’80s/early ’90s and I could figure out how to work a headbutt into it, I worked out a spot involving it. I came really close to using the PowerPlex (anybody else remember Power & Glory?) with a diving headbutt replacing Paul Roma’s big splash, but I couldn’t come up with a sequence I liked for it.

On Wednesday: Three count or kick in the back of the head? Both are fine choices, whatever floats your boat, really.